Internal rules


Reservation and payment

  • Reservation will only be valid after the client transfers an advance for the rent and receives a confirmation that his advance was received;
  • The advance must be transferred no later than within 3-5 days from the oral agreement regarding the reservation;
  • Please pay the remaining amount for the reserved period immediately upon your arrival to the apartments;
  • The advance will not be returned if the client cancels his reservation;
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances which make it impossible to provide the booked services, we will immediately inform the client and return his paid advance;
  • If the guests do not stay for the entire duration of the agreed rent period, the service provider shall not be required to return the payment for the remaining days the client did not stay at the apartments;
  • Prices may increase during weekends and holidays. For additional services, the client must pay the entire price during booking.

The day starts at 14:00 and ends at 11:00.

Obligations of “Honey apartments” guests

  • The clients must read these rules before reservation;
  • It is prohibited to bring and keep dogs, cats or other animals in the apartments;
  • It is prohibited to rearrange tangible assets and inventory of the apartments without the permission of the homestead owners or the person authorised by them;
  • It is prohibited to set campsites in the area;
  • It is prohibited to pollute the environment with household and other waste;
  • It is prohibited to park vehicles (cars, boats, bicycles, etc.) in areas that are not intended for that purpose;
  • Before leaving the apartments, guests must make sure that premises that were rented to them are tidy and clean, and must be present when returning the rented premises and material values to the owners or the person authorised by them. When checking out, guests must immediately pay for all the damaged inventory or other material values;
  • Guests must efficiently use water, wood and electric power;
  • Guests must comply with all requirements of the covid19 pandemic.

Liability of “Honey apartments” guests

  • During their stay, guests shall undertake to follow the safety requirements and ensure their own safety and the safety of their children (or persons under their care);
  • If the guest or his children suffer an injury or damage their property due to their own fault, by violating the internal rules of procedure, then the service provider shall not be liable for this;
  • Guests must keep a safe distance from the fireplace. Guests shall be fully liable for failure to follow these requirements – the service provider shall not be liable for this;
  • Guests shall undertake to protect and preserve the property of “Honey apartments”, and follow the internal rules of procedure. The client shall be liable for any material damages according to the procedures established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. If losses or damages are caused by the guest’s minor children, a compensation must be paid by their parents or caregivers.
  • If guests disturb the public peace by shouting, whistling, loudly singing, playing music instruments or other audible devices in public areas between 24:00 and 8:00 and in residential premises or near them, they shall be subject to administrative responsibility according to the procedures established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Fire safety rules

Guests must:

  • Use electrical devices safely and away from children. Do not leave electrical devices, radio and TV equipment turned on unattended;
  • It is strictly prohibited to smoke in bed or in the apartments;
  • Smoking is permitted only in designated areas outside. Cigarette buds must be extinguished and thrown into special containers;
  • It is prohibited to set up fireplaces in the homestead, use the grill or other devices that might cause open fire, use any types of firearms, fireworks or firecrackers without coordinating this with the owners or the person authorized by them;
  • Guests can use the fireplace only after receiving a permission from the owners of the homestead or the person authorized by them and after being briefed;
  • it is prohibited to cause any type of fire (by throwing cigarette buds or using open fire) in the forest and along the shore;
  • Fire within the area of the homestead can be used only for the grill;
  • It is necessary to handle candles safely;
  • In the event of a fire, guests must use the fire extinguisher located in the apartments, inform the owner about the incident and call the fire service.

Requirements for the use of the sauna and the fireplace

  • It takes 60-90 minutes to heat the sauna.
  • The sauna closes at 10 p.m.
  • The duration of the sauna for a set fee is up to 4 hours, for additional time ask the owners for a fee.
  • It is prohibited to overheat the sauna, i.e. temperature inside must not exceed 90 degrees.
  • After using the sauna, make sure that wood in the furnace had completely burned and open a window to ventilate the sauna.
  • Guests can go to sleep only after making sure that the sauna cooled down to at least 50 degrees, and all wood in the furnace had burned.
  • Wood must be placed only in designated areas, by keeping a safe distance from open fire.
  • Bath brooms can be used in the sauna.
  • It is forbidden to use soaps, shampoos, scrubs, massage oils, coffee grounds, salt, etc. in the sauna.
  • Please use only clean water in the sauna. Washing up is recommended in the “Honey apartments” shower.
  • Only use wood – do not throw any plastic or other objects into the fireplace or when heating the sauna.
  • When no longer using the fireplace, guests must make sure that it is properly closed and no smoke is coming out of it.
  • Guests can go to sleep only after making sure that wood in the fireplace or sauna had completely burned.
  • When using the fireplace or sauna, guests must not leave their children unattended or allow their children to place wood in the fireplace or play with burning matches, wood and ember.

Water safety rules

  • Boating and fishing in the lake without coordinating this with the homestead owners or the person authorized by them is prohibited;
  • Guests must leave a deposit – document when renting a boat;
  • Guests must wear life jackets when boating;
  • The number of people on a boat must not exceed the permissible limit;
  • It is prohibited to swim or use a boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

People on a boat are prohibited to:

  • stand;
  • sit on the edge;
  • walk or kneel on benches;
  • walk from one area of the boat to another;
  • swim, dive and jump from the boat when it is moving;
  • bring along people who are intoxicated from alcohol;
  • bring along children who are less than 7 years old without adult supervision.

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