“Honey apartments” are set up inside a cosy homestead, built in Varnikai village – in the exclusive area of Trakai historical national park, right next to Skaistis which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Trakai. This area was also known and appreciated by Lithuanian noblemen in the times of Vytautas the Great.

The first floor of the homestead, in which the hosts live, was reconstructed in 2016 in order to create a cosy and comfortable recreation and living space. The apartments were set up using the British colonial style interior design which is rare in Lithuania.

British colonial style and decor formed in the 19th century in the Victorian era, when borders of the British colonial empire expanded and reached North and South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

British colonists and soldiers liked to travel, but wanted to settle down in new areas by building homes whose comfort and atmosphere would remind them of their homeland. Newcomers soon noticed that this was a difficult task, as softwood furniture brought from Britain could not withstand the humid tropical climate.

However, a solution was found – local craftsmen helped the colonists recreate the British design by using local materials such as ebony, mahogany, rattan, wicker and animal fur. Craftsmen also tended to enrich the British design with their own elaborate details, such as carved pineapples. A new British colonial style and decor was created by combining the motifs of Britain, Asia, Africa and India.

Romanticism is all that was left from the British colonial empire era. It is reflected in various wicker furniture used in interior design – colonists once sat in wicker armchairs and gazed upon the smoky railways connecting Britain with the colonies of the Empire. Candles were also a very necessary accessory in the homes of British colonists, even after the invention of electricity, due to the fact that the supply of electric power was not always consistent in remote areas of the Empire.

The light coloured walls of the homes of British colonists were designed to make the homes cooler. In addition, light wall colour matches very nicely with dark floor and furniture. The entire interior reveals the fact that the tropical sun was very harsh.

British colonists liked to share stories about their extensive travels, therefore their homes included a lot of books, globes, telescopes and framed maps.

Thus, the British colonial style and decor has decorative elements collected from other cultures and integrated in its design. It is the style of living in a natural environment, that is why it was selected for our “Honey apartments”.

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