Service and prices

In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, Trakai District Council established local fee for the use of Trakai district municipal area of public infrastructure since January 1th 2024.  The charge – 2.00 euro per person/per night,  children under 18 years are not charged. The local fee is not included to the price of accommodation.

PRICES for 1-2 persons


(from 1st September to 30th June ) 59 EUR / day


(from 1st July to 31th August and from 24th December to 14th January ( except 31st December ) 79 EUR / day


Service until 4 hours duration!

For 1-2 persons – 50 €

For 3 persons – 65 €

For 4 persons – 80 €

For 5 persons – 95 €

For 6 persons – 110 €

P.S. Towels are not included in the service price.

For your convenience, the apartments include:

  • Fireplace with wood;
  • Free wireless internet (Wi-Fi);
  • High-quality bedding and towels;
  • LCD TV;
  • Bathroom with a shower;
  • Washing machine;
  • Baby crib;
  • Kitchen with all utensils;
  • Summerhouse;
  • Natural cosmetic hygiene products;
  • Satellite TV (with HOME 3 gold package programs);
  • Apartment area – 42 sq. m.;
  • Secure parking lot, gated area;
  • 24/7 reception;
  • Premises include an alarm;
  • Separate entrance into the area;
  • Special area for smoking;
  • Outdoor furniture – a perfect place to drink coffee in the morning, eat grilled dishes during dinner, or even enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset.


  • Animals are not permitted.
  • Smoking is prohibited indoors.

“Honey apartments” languages:

  • Lithuanian;
  • English;
  • Russian.


BATH! Heating of the sauna for 2 guests – 25 €/one time!

P.S. Guests of “Medaus apartamentai” can invite additional people to the sauna only after coordination with the hosts. Additional people pay for using the sauna – 15 EUR /person.

FIREWOOD! Bring firewood for the fireplace/barbecue or you can pay the hosts for a bundle of firewood – 5€!


“Medaus apartamentai” guests will now be able to admire the surrounding nature, riding a bicycle in the woods or at the lake. They will be able to get to Trakai. We rent out two bicycles – feminine and masculine. One bicycle rental price15 €/one time!


Rent a boat for quests, who rent “Medaus apartamentai” – 20 €/one time!

we can offer a russian bath (humidity about 80-90% and temperature about 60°C) or a finnish sauna (humidity about 20-25%, and temperature about 80°C). Warming up in the sauna reduces stress, and the heat of the sauna relaxes body muscles, improves blood circulation, and stimulates the release of the happy hormone – endorphin. Sweating in the sauna stimulates the release of toxins, cleans and rejuvenates the skin. After the sauna sleep, blood circulation and heart activity improve, calories are burned. The sauna significantly reduces the symptoms of colds and flu, and adding essential oils to the water helps to get rid of sinusitis, cough, runny nose, etc. The price depends on the number of people: for overnight guests – from 25 €, for those arriving without accommodation – from 50 €!
performed in the Ceragem Master V4 thermal massage bed. This procedure perfectly combines the new technology and the experience of ancient Eastern medicine. The client will experience 6 positive effects: back massage (feet massage is also possible), infrared rays, jade stones, manual therapy, acupressure and relaxation. Smart thermal massage equipment can offer 17 programs and even 9 strength levels for different needs: strengthen internal organ functions, back, immunity, reduce stress and fatigue, balance the nervous system, accelerate metabolism, improve digestion, sleep, blood circulation and brain activity, detoxify the body and others. The price depends on the duration of the program – 15-35 €!
is an extremely effective tool for reducing stress, performed as needed with Koshi bells and/or tuning forks. The effect after just one session! It is conducted by S. Povilaitis, a rebefing master, who has been working with breathing techniques since 1991. Breathing is done both individually and for several people at once. Special offer only for “Honey apartments”guests: relaxation breathing individually – 50 € and for 2-6 people at once (price – 35 €/person)!
is observing your mind, being a non-selective witness, not struggling with thoughts, not trying to control them in any way. Meditation has become one of the most popular ways to reduce stress between people from different social backgrounds. This ancient practice can help you quickly relieve stress, reduce your body’s stress response and help you relax. Meditation can even help with weight loss and healthy eating skills. By learning to calm the body and mind, physical and emotional stress will also disappear. Meditation is chosen according to needs. Special offer only for the guests of “Honey apartments”: meditation individually – 50 € and for 2-6 people at once (price – 35 €/person)!
– suitable for quick relaxation and well-being: energetic meridian unblocking, Reiki session, Reiki session with Koshi bells and/or tuning forks, etc. Price – from 50€!
About specialists: Procedures can be ordered at least 72 hours in advance until arrival. For more detailed information about the procedures, please call: +370 (617) 30 845


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